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Time travel, music and building joyful memories that last


Do you ever close your eyes whilst listening to a song and boom!..it is almost like you travelled back in time?

I have been experiencing a lot of that recently. It is a mix of nostalgia-happy-comforting feelings.

Sometimes I close my eyes and I can perfectly imagine my dad dancing to a particular song or singing in the car when we were together.

I can vividly remember his face gestures and I love it. It is such a nice way of remembering him when he was happy, healthy and charming. It also triggers some surreal sensations, its almost like I could even feel him dancing via my body (don’t believe anything really out of this world or mystic is happening - I guess it is just a reflection and awe for music and the potential it has to impact our brain, body and emotions).

When it happens, I like to embrace it and if a few tears (or many!) come out, I will let them do so.

There is a bittersweet joy in longing

…hearing that music takes you back to a place, to a memory. It connects us to moments that were important to us. This is called music-evoked autobiographical memory and majority of us are able to experience it (yay!)

According to research performed by Durham University, music appears to have the ability to reconnect us with emotionally positive moments from our past. This means that music can be therapeutic when we are not feeling our best.

Today I am talking to you about my grief and how music comforts me by triggering positive memories of me and my dad. So, today I would like to invite you to reflect and do the following:

  1. What are the songs that take you back to special places or moments? Do you have a playlist? Maybe you could create one or write it down. I found a piece of paper on my dads bedside table that has the name of a song written and has brought me a lot of joy! I keep wondering why did he write it down…

  2. Have you thought about asking your loved ones for their favourite songs and why? As cliche as this question may sound you might be grateful to have asked this in the future!

That’s all for today!


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