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Navigating Conversations Around Terminal Diagnoses

How many times have you been in a situation where you don’t know what to say?

How many times have you changed a conversation topic or ignore it because you feel uncomfortable or you don’t want to make someone uncomfortable?

Now, take a moment and reflect on the time you or your loved one got a terminal diagnosis…

How did you feel? What did you say?

Did you choose courage over comfort? By this I mean … did you decide to address the elephant in the room rather than avoid the topic?

When we or our loved ones get diagnosed with a terminal illness it is super important to embrace those moments of discomfort and be present. We need to learn how to be vulnerable and open under uncertain circumstances, so that our loved ones feel understood and cared for within this context.

Here are a few starting questions you can ask yourself and reflect on. Remember than in order to help and support others, you first need to understand yourself and your emotions. This is why it is so important to take a moment and try to understand how you are feeling and thinking.

I am close to someone who has a terminal diagnosis:

  • How is the diagnosis making you feel?

  • How do you think the person with the diagnosis feels?

  • Would they want to talk about it? Do they need space?

  • What would make them feel supported and cared for?

I have a terminal diagnosis:

  • How am I feeling?

  • What are the things that concern or scare me?

  • Would I want to share my diagnosis?

  • How would I like to share it? How would others respond?

  • Would I like some support?

  • How does this look like?

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