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Collecting memories like souvenirs: Love and death lessons in verse

Hello again!

I've got a pretty cool story to share from last week. So, I was at this wedding, and during speeches the bride whips out this awesome poem she wrote.

It got me thinking about love and how it's this incredible thing, but at the same time, there's that fear in the back of our minds about losing someone we care about.

This poem managed to capture the beauty in life's fragility.

Understanding the fragility of life suddenly gives us this fresh perspective on what truly matters.

So here it is, a little something that made me reflect on life, love, and everything in between.

Also…there is a surprise at the end of this article (hint 😉)


A poem about love

I wrote this poem last week

Late one night

Hunched over a laptop

Out of my wife’s sight

It’s a poem about the lessons I’ve learned

About what love is,

As far as I'm concerned.

Love is the freedom to be who you are,

Because in each other’s eyes you’re always a star.

It’s the invisible safety net -


It's the massive trampoline,

That springs you out of your shell into your wildest dreams.

Love is the giddiness when she walks through the door

The ache you feel when you miss her to the core

Love brought us here, not just us two

But all of you

Compelled you to get on that 30 hour plane

To leave your kids at home

To get on that train

To give up this lovely house, for us to entertain

Or maybe it wasn’t,

and you’re here for the free not-even-champagne.

But Love is not just rainbows and butterflies as the movies portray

Love is not just the the actions or even words you say

Love is looking for her keys,


Whilst half an hour late,

Then rushing to the place, just to find out she got the wrong date,

It’s saying you were wrong

Even if it technically



your mistake

Love’s like the warmth of the sun on a freezing day

Love creates memories that you replay and replay

You see

My wife and I have been together, for nine years or so

From the first tinder swipe, what feels like a lifetime ago

What a journey we would go on, little did we know

Around the world we’ve travelled near and far

Laying on a rock in the New Zealand Alps gazing at the stars,

Vomiting in India wondering why on earth we ordered the

beef medium rare

on a beach.

I can go on , but we don't have too much time to spare

So fast forward to 2 years ago when we made our vows

To love each other, for better or for worse

In sickness and in health

Till death do us part

Till death do us part

But recently I’ve learned that

Yes, love brings joy of course

But it lasts much longer - Than death do us part

It puts even infinity to shame

Because it sees so much more...

Love is the G force stomach knot of fear

When the doctor says it’s stage four

It’s the dread you feel, shaken to the core

It’s the sadness of loss to come,

The terror of grief

I’ve learnt

that, too

is just love

On its twisted, upside down course

Because love is beguiling, it does funny things

It makes us laugh, cry, shout

It tugs at our heartstrings

But know that love is the reason we are all here

So let’s collect these memories like souvenirs

Before the party ends and we all disappear

Because to live a life without love

Is not really a life worth living

So love with all your heart,

No matter what

Just find something or someone to love a lot.

For me it's you, so thanks for giving me a shot

At loving you,

No matter what.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Moving on…

I have some news to share…

Evermore has an official website!!!

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There’s existing things to come! I am planning to continue growing this really nice community even further and continue our tradition of mutual support - please visit to get the latest updates here: www.joinevermore.com 

See you next week!


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